Function: Welder
Superior position: Workshop manager / site manager / chief fitter
Substitute: Welder

Requirements / Objectives:

- Several years of experience in welding of different materials (carbon steel, stainless steel)
- Flawless mastery of TIG / MAG welding processes
- Technical knowledge of common welding equipment
- Knowledge in the use of welding consumables
- Valid welding certificates and X-ray safe welding
- Knowledge of isometric drawings and associated welding documentation
- Independent, reliable and accurate way of working
- Sense of responsibility, commitment, diligence, flexibility and ability to work in a team

Duties / Responsibilities:

- Independent execution of work according to specifications, dimensional check before welding,
Form control for distortion after welding,
- Reporting quality deviations to the supervisor,
- careful and correct use of the machines and tools assigned to him,
- Compliance with the wearing pflicht of prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE).
- Compliance with work safety regulations,
- Checking the correctness of the welding consumables to be used before welding begins,
- Depending on the project specifications, completed or produced welding seams must be entered in welding/production records.
production records,
- If necessary, correct completion of the work reports.

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